Finally a free location based cookie consent solution that looks good and is easy to implement

Use Legal Monster to collect and record consent for all cookies used on your site without bothering people when the law says it's okay.

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A cookie consent solution that doesn't ruin your website

Our widget both looks and feels good. Keep your users engaged and protect their privacy with our developer-friendly widget and a get a full audit-trail of your cookie consents.

Automatic Cookie Detection

Let our solution detect what cookies you use and collect compliant consents for those.

Local laws, Local setup

We use geotargeting to ensure that you collect just the right consent in each of your markets.


Focus on your business without implementation headaches. Get running in no time.

Full audit-trail

Get full tracking and reporting when collecting cookie consent.

A cookie consent solution you and your developers will love.


Geolocation Free

We make sure that only visitors originating from countries where cookies laws are in force see the cookie consent widget. Others will have all cookie categories enabled by default.

Get the full overview of your users and their consents Free

Track and get a full report of all consents that you collect. You can even combine these consents with other consents collected via Legal Monster when a user signs up or subscribes to a newsletter.


Auto-detect and block cookies Free

We automatically scan your site for new cookies and block them in accordance with your preferences and the cookie consent given by your users.

First-class UI Free

We pride ourselves on delivering the best-looking cookie consent solution. Just elegant, easy and compliant designed and built with the user in mind.


Respect 'Do Not Track' Free

At Legal Monster, we believe in respecting privacy, so we naturally support the Do Not Track flag. If a user turns this on in their browser, we automatically set only required cookies, and disable others.

Built together with leading law firms

Don't just take our word for it; our products are built in close partnership with leading privacy law firms around the world to ensure that we always provide the right solution for the local markets.


Is your cookie consent solution really Free ?

Yes, we offer a full-featured cookie solution for free. The only thing we ask in return is a discrete link back to our site in the hope you and many others will buy into our full consent and website compliance product.

No strings attached 😊