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We take you on a journey to online compliance, one easy step at a time, from cookie consent to website and GDPR compliance. Show your customers you care. Start today.

Compliance journey
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How Legal Monster helps you on your compliance journey

Every company is different and so is the road to compliance. Legal Monster will guide you so you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing right.

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Compliance journey
Level 1 - Cookie Compliance
Start your compliance journey with our FREE cookie solution. Upgrade to Cookie Essential from only $29/md and tailor the cookie pop-up to your brand.
Compliance journey
Level 2 - Website compliance
Make your website compliant from only $99/md. Collect the right consents and keep your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in order.
Compliance journey
Level 3 - Privacy Center
Speed up your sales process and build trust, by getting on top of GDPR and showcasing your efforts.

Level 1

A cookie solution built to align with good data ethics

Embark on your journey with the free cookie solution as your first step. Rest assured that you are living up to the required legislation and that you will remain compliant.

  • Cookie Pop-up

    Stay compliant with a design that fits your brand

  • Cookie Policy

    Easily communicate your cookie use, and know that you are always doing the right thing

  • Stay compliant

    And build trust towards your customers

Level 2

Easy steps to website compliance

As part of your journey you need to have a Privacy policy, Terms of service, and to capture the right consent. With a few simple steps your website will become and remain compliant.

  • Privacy policy

    Show your customers that you care about their privacy and protect their data

  • Terms of service

    Ensure clear expectations with your customers

  • Email marketing

    Deliver the right consent texts for your marketing forms to avoid complaints and fines

  • Universal consent collector

    Focus on your business while the consent collector captures the required consent

Level 3

Privacy center

Data privacy is part of your online journey. We will guide you and help you prioritise the compliance areas where you get the most value. Being GDPR compliant is not just a requirement it is also a business asset that can help you build trust towards your customers.

  • Get your GDPR priorities in order

    Get the most value of your GDPR efforts

  • Get a Privacy Whitepaper and other external GDPR documents

    Become compliant and use GDPR as a business asset

  • Boost your sales with our Privacy Center

    Become compliant and use GDPR as a business asset

How we ensure that you stay compliant

Legal Monsters compliance solutions are built and kept up to date in partnership with leading law firms around the world.