Email marketing and privacy laws vary from country to country.
So should your checkbox.

Legal Monsters consent collection widget and audit trail takes your worries away and collect compliant consents no matter where your users are in the world.

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Stop worrying and become compliant in no time

With our consent collection widget you will become compliant by default - and you’ll remain compliant. We make sure that the widget will be up to date with changes in the legal landscape so you don’t have to worry about fines or damaging your company’s reputation.

Avoid fines and stay compliant

Avoid hefty fines and stay compliant with local marketing, consumer and privacy laws.

Use your customer data legally

Avoid losing your customers' data when being hit by the data authorities.

Save time on compliance

Focus on your business instead of worrying about compliance.

Ensure optimal conversion

Collect just the right consent in each of your markets.

The 3 challenges to consent collection. Solved


Not all checkboxes are made equal.

We baked the law right into our consent collection widget, making compliance across markets a breeze. Keeping things simple for your users also helps maximise conversion.

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Rest easy knowing your evidence is in hand

Our consent audit trail captures the necessary data and saves it for the day you really need it.

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Consent sync at scale

Our consent hub syncs consents and email marketing subscribes and unsubscribes across your entire tech stack - in real time. Simply integrate via our API or Zapier to ensure that your consents are always up-to-date in all of your systems.

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Our customers love us!

"I did not expect to double our leads; this is amazing. It took us only a few minutes to implement Legal Monster in Pardot (our marketing automation tool), and from the get-go, we got more leads."

Glen Hagensen Head of Marketing at Templafy


The law firms we work with

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