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Make sure you always collect the right consent

Ensure compliance and avoid fines

Stay compliant with local marketing, cookie, consumer and privacy laws, when collecting sign-ups and marketing leads. Exercise due diligence to avoid fines and protect your reputation.

Collect the right consent everywhere

Automate consent collection no matter where you operate. We keep track of consent requirements based on the sign-up context, customer type and jurisdiction.

Keep track of your consents

Access all the collected data points you need with the audit trail. You maintain a record of all the necessary consent data you collect.

Easily manage and update your documents

Easily create, add, update and manage multiple document revisions. Access all your documents at all times through the dashboard.


Stop worrying and become compliant in no time

With our consent collection widget you will become compliant by default - and you’ll remain compliant. We make sure that the widget will be up to date with changes in the legal landscape so you don’t have to worry about fines or damaging your company’s reputation.

Avoid fines and stay compliant

Avoid hefty fines and stay compliant with local marketing, consumer and privacy laws.

Collect your customer data legally

Avoid facing a situation where you need to customer data because your consents aren't compliant.

Save time on compliance

Focus on your business instead of worrying about compliance.

Ensure optimal conversion

Collect the right and compliant consent in each of your markets for optimal conversion.

The 3 challenges to consent collection. Solved


Not all checkboxes are made equal.

We baked the law right into our consent collection widget, making compliance across markets a breeze. Keeping things simple for your users also helps maximise conversion.

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Rest easy knowing your evidence is in hand

Our consent audit trail captures the necessary data and saves it for the day you really need it.

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Consent sync at scale

Our consent hub syncs consents and email marketing subscribes and unsubscribes across your entire tech stack - in real time. Simply integrate via our API or Zapier to ensure that your consents are always up-to-date in all of your systems.

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Our Partners

We are partners with the biggest and brightest in GDPR, Compliance, and Legal Tech.

Our partners include some of the leading compliance and GDPR consultants and Legal Tech companies we work with to create the best solution and opportunities for our clients.

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The law firms we work with

Learn more about the law firms we have partnered with and how we work with compliance.


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