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A cookie checker is a tool used to scan websites and identify cookies in use.

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What is a cookie checker?

A cookie checker is a tool that can be used by both users and owners of websites. Its purpose is to scan a website and find cookies that are present on the site. Additionally, a checker may be able to identify the purpose of the cookies and whether they are used for marketing, analytics, etc. If you are a user, scanning for cookies can be helpful when you do not trust a website with your personal data and want to make sure its cookie policy is accurate. You can also use the checker tool to find cookies stored on your device (e.g., computer or phone). The cookies stored on your computer are third-party cookies and usually belong to a web browser. They store, for example, your browser history and passwords.

What can cookie checker tools do for business?

Cookie checker tools are primarily designed for businesses, especially those that own websites. This is because, as a website owner, having your cookies in order is not only an advantage, it is also a legal requirement. If your website uses cookies - which is usually necessary - you have to inform your visitors. This might be extremely difficult if you don’t know what cookies are on your website. Cookie checker tools serve more purposes. Firstly, they help you find and identify cookies on your website, which allows you to pass on this information to your visitors. Secondly, after knowing which cookies are present, it is up to you to leave them on the website or delete them.

A cookie compliance checker is an additional tool that can help your website become legally compliant. Before the visitor grants their consent, no cookies should be set to track the visitor. Hence, it is important third-party cookies are blocked until consent is given. A cookie compliance checker can help you use the right cookies at the right time.

How can cookie checkers help your business?

As mentioned before, a cookie checker is an essential tool for any website owner for multiple reasons. Scanning your website for third-party cookies and doing so regularly is the only way to ensure you provide the correct information to your users. It also allows you to manage cookies and make sure your website is, so to speak, ‘clean’.

Being able to scan your website regularly, categorize cookies and delete unwanted ones can be a time-consuming job. But it does not have to be. Our solution will allow you to scan your website automatically, categorize any cookies found in the scan and block them from tracking website visitors until consent has been given. You can easily integrate our cookie consent solution with Google Tag Manager.

Furthermore, you can generate a cookie policy that reflects your processes and shows your customers you care about their privacy. Find out how you can become fully compliant with GDPR and ePrivacy Directives in a few easy steps on our main website.

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