Compliance and Culture

Joint webinar: Legal Monster + Platypus

Should GDPR, Ethics, and Compliance be part of your recruitment strategy? And does compliance & ethics affect your company culture - and ability to attract and retain employees?

Compliance and Culture

Date: 25th of August 2021, 9:00

Each year more pressure is put on the recruitment of the right employees. But it is becoming equally important to be the right company. Both young graduates and senior professionals are increasingly interested in the ethics of the companies they work for. Are potential employees looking at turnovers and benefits, or are they more interested in companies that do the right thing?

In this webinar, Nico Blier-Silvestri, CEO of Platypus, and Stine Mangor Tornmark, CEO of Legal Monster, will talk about this and also cover questions like:

  • How important are ethical practices and legal compliance for candidates and potential new employees?
  • Why do young professionals look for companies that have a positive social impact?
  • Why should companies look for employees that value the positive social impact?
  • Can small things, such as a cookie pop-up, make a difference?

The webinar takes one hour, is free, and you can ask questions throughout.

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Webinar speakers


Kenneth Svenningsen

CEO, Platypus


Stine Mangor Tornmark

CEO, Legal Monster