Email Marketing Consent

$139 / month

+ $80/mo per additional domain or country where you need to stay compliant with local legislation

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Email Marketing Consent Widget
Easy to install email marketing consent collection widget for your sign up and email marketing forms
Automatically collect the right email marketing consent in accordance with local legislation.
Domain, country and language support
Support for multiple domains, countries (jurisdictions) and languages
Prove your consent
Full consent Audit Trail and dashboard
Policy and document management
Vetted and auto-updated cookie policies in local languages
Tech & integration support
Dedicated account manager
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Questions you might ask

How do you treat my customers’ data?

We process your and your customers’ data with the utmost care and respect. We outline all terms regarding data processing in our Data Processing Agreement.

We also align all our processes with the ISO 27001 privacy standard.

How long does your contract run?

We only offer month-by-month contracts. We believe our software is so valuable that we don't need to lock in our clients. You only commit for 30 days running, and you can always cancel your contract.