Full-stack developer to shape the future of privacy management

Enabling better privacy on the internet has to start with the businesses that control the data. Our experience is that most companies want to be good data citizens but don’t have the resources or knowledge to implement what's needed. We also know that many companies struggle to comply with new data privacy rules around the world. That's why we founded Legal Monster.

We are a young company with substantial experience gained from building companies like Firmafon and Trustpilot. We have a strong team of seven and are looking for more to join us. We are building a culture of strong minds with room for exploration and work-life balance.

So what’s the job?

As a full-stack developer at Legal Monster, you will be a part of our product organization. You will not only write code but also define features, conduct discovery to figure out what features can solve our customer's core challenges, and then build our product in close cooperation with other experts on our team. We focus on creating cross-functional teams, not an engine room filled with developers.

We are building our platform with technologies that focus on developer happiness, speed, and quality. Our current (quickly evolving) tech stack is Ruby on Rails, Preact, Typescript, and PostgreSQL.

What we are looking for

We don’t care how many years you’ve been a developer. We also don’t care about your education or what programming languages you know. We care about drive, creativity, and personality. We have set out on a long journey, and we are all going to learn a lot while we grow. So, the biggest thing we ask of you is that you be ready to grow with us while you deliver value to our clients at all times.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, you are more then welcome to reach out to us on or 71 99 99 00.