Easy GDPR compliance for your Unity game

Make your game compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws around the world in no time with our Unity SDK.

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Collect legal consent

Automatically collect legal consent based on location.

Easy to read terms & policies

Make your policies simple and easy to read and understand.

Update about policy changes

Easily update your customers about policy changes.

Ask for parental consent

Ask minors for parental concent when required.

Enforce gamer rights

Enable gamers to withdraw their consent and enforce other rights.

Fully customizable SDK

Easily implement and customize our solution to fit your needs.

Unity SDK

Full features easy to install Unity SDK that allows you to collect compliant consent around the world within seconds.

Our SDK is open source under the MIT license allowing you to embed it in your software freely.

High converting consent

We ask for the most highly converting type of consent within the legal limits. We base our consent collection on location (inside or outside the EU), age and the types of data you process. We want to make sure that you get as many new gamers as possible in a legal way.

Manage your data

Where does your data flow? What suppliers hold what data about your gamers? These are core questions that you have to answer to be compliant with the GDPR—so we make it easy to do just that.

Integrated with advertisers

Consents collected with Legal Monster will automatically transfer to Unity Ads and IronSource, to streamline your gamers' experience.

Easy updates

Legal Monster makes it easy to update your privacy policy, start using a new supplier, or a new ad network. With just a few clicks, you are up and running, and can let your data flow free.


Our consent SDK will you inform your gamers on how their data is getting used. It will help build trust between you and your gamers and reaching as many to consent to your privacy policy as possible.

Manage consent and policy updates

Collecting consent in a compliant way that is also optimized for performance is difficult. Our solution always adapts to local laws and makes it easy for gamers to give and withdraw consent.

Easy to read policies

In Legal Monster, you can achieve a higher level of compliance by building your policies in a way that makes them very easy to read and understand.

Update policies

With Legal Monster it has never been easier to update your gamers about changes to your policies. Just push the update and your games are informed right away.

Parental consent

To process personal information from minors parental consent is needed. Legal Monster offers an out of the box solution, that makes this process as simple and seamless as possible.

Optimized for local laws

Whether a gamer is considered as a minor varies from region to region even within the EU. Our solution automatically adapts to local legislation.

Block minors or ask for parental consent

Depending on your requirements and policy our SDK enables you to block minors or ask for their parents' consent.

Get started on your privacy compliance journey today!

Get our free Unity SDK Read our docs