Marketing Consent Automation

Marketing consent looks easy on the surface. But dig into the consequences of collecting standardised consent across various markets, or the automation between your suite of marketing tools, and it turns into a monster.

We’re building the glue to fix the issue; our marketing consent solution will give you both a higher conversion rate and a compliant solution globally.

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"I did not expect to double our leads; this is amazing. It took us only a few minutes to implement Legal Monster in Pardot (our marketing automation tool), and from the get-go, we got more leads."

Glen Hagensen Head of Marketing at Templafy


Ask for the right type of consent and improve conversion

Did you add a checkbox on your site to ask for marketing consent? How many people check it?

Prior to Legal Monster, 23% of Templafy’s leads agreed to further marketing activities. After implementing our marketing consent solution, their conversion jumped to 60%! Asking for the right type of consent based on location, law and user profile more than doubled the number of inbound leads that Templafy can nurture.

Location, location, location

The location of the user is key to delivering the best experience. We can automatically find the location, or you can pass it to us.

Marketing consent widget

Collect compliant marketing consent on your sign-up page with our embedded widgets.

Legal mapping

We’ve mapped out marketing consent rules around the world so you don’t have to. Asking for the right type of consent ensures both maximum conversion and compliance.

A centralised hub for consent

We all use a different suite of marketing tools, and they don’t always play nice. Legal Monster’s consent hub makes sure your marketing consent is seamlessly synced across all tools, providing you with the confidence to reach out no matter the channel.



We are deeply integrated with Zapier allowing you to connect Legal Monster with thousands of tools in a few clicks.

Open API

Our API supports custom integrations so we fit into the customer journey right where you want us.


Legal Audit Trail

Who subscribed to your email marketing when? What type of consent did they provide? These are just a couple of the criteria required to keep a legal audit trail of your marketing consents.

Our solution has you covered with a built-in audit trail covering all legal requirements, exportable at any time.

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