Capture legal consent

Consent doesn't have to be complicated or unruly. Let us manage the collection and tracking of your user's consent with our widget. The consent widget is easily integrated and handles all the hassle, so you don't have to.

GDPR Article 7

In accordance with the GDPR processing based on consent must be freely given, informed, specific and revocable.

Consent tracking and full audit trail

We value privacy and ensure that your users are entirely informed when they give consent. We keep track of when they see, read and accept your terms and other documents.

GDPR Article 7.1

You are required to keep records to demonstrate that individual customers have consented to.


Manage and revise your legal documents

Need to alter or revise your legal documents and recollect consent? Legal Monster provides an overview of versions, changes or additions and helps recollect consent through multiple channels.

GDPR Article 7

You are required to keep records to demonstrate what individual customers have consented to.

Vendor management

You might use other services and share data with them to maintain your business. We make it easy for you to manage a list of your vendors and what personal information you share with them.

GDPR Article 28

You are required to have a list of sub-processors and your privacy policy should mention these.


API & Integrations

It is easy to implement and customise our suite of privacy APIs. Legal Monster is simply a plug and play solution for compliance management. You won’t fear the compliance monolith with Legal Monster.


Consent collection and management

Collecting and tracking consent isn't easy, but we're here to fix that. Legal Monster is the new standard for consent management, helping you comply with GDPR and other international privacy laws. Our privacy APIs and automatic tracking tool give you an overview of user's consent, while you focus on your core business.


Full audit trail

Keep track of when your users view and accept your privacy policy and other documents.

Signup widget

Collect compliant consent to your privacy policy and legal documents on your sign-up page with our embedded solution.

Update widget

Automatically update your customers about changes to your legal documents and collect new consent if needed.

Location based consent

Countries have different laws and requirements which is painstaking for both you and your users. We ensure that you stay compliant no matter where your users come from.

E-mail updates

Email your customers with revisions to legal documents and requests for new consent.

Import existing consents

Compliance is a monster to tackle and perhaps you already tried. Import your user’s given consents to Legal Monster’s system and let us handle it from now on.

API & automations

Build custom integrations and automate your consent processes with our API and Zapier integration.