image Cookie consent solution FAQ

FAQ for Legal Monster’s cookie solution.

Does your cookie solution come with an Audit Trail?

Yes, we have built an Audit Trail which you can access via your account. This is a feature in all our solutions, including the free cookie solution.

In the Audit Trail you can find all information about when the user accepted cookies, what type of cookie, what the user consented to, and when, etc.

Are cookies blocked from working until the user presses the “I accept” button?

Whether the cookie is blocked from working until the user accepts the cookie, is dependent on which cookie type you are using.

  • Users don't need to accept necessary cookies so these types of cookies will work and won’t be blocked.
  • Cookies that have been classified as “analytical” cookies will be blocked automatically until the user consents to the usage.
  • Cookies that haven’t been classified will work until you have classified them, and will then be blocked or allowed depending on their category and whether the user has consented. This ensures that we do not accidentally block essential cookies that you have not yet categorised.

Do you have a consent manager dashboard where I can set up my cookie providers and see the cookie consents?

Yes, you can access the consent manager dashboard via your Legal Monster account.

Can I change the colors in the cookie widget so it matches the look-and-feel of my website?

We believe it is important that the cookie widget / pop up matches your website’s visual design, and some widget customisation is therefore available.

Why is there a “shield” on my website once the user has given consent / rejected?

It's a legal requirement that users are offered the ability to change their minds when it comes to their cookie settings. You need to give them easy access to change their settings and that’s what the shield does.

How often do you scan my website?

We scan your website every 14 days (every 72 hours if you have our Full Consent Suite). If we detect new cookies that haven’t been classified, we’ll send you a notice via email and ask you to classify the cookies.

Do I need to provide my credit card details to use your free cookie solution?

No, you don’t need to provide any kind of credit card or similar.

Are there any restrictions related to your free cookie solution?

Yes, there are some restrictions, namely that the free cookie solution covers scanning of up to 100 pages and collection of up to 5000 consents. Additionally, you have to upgrade to our paid versions of the product for customisation options and multiple domains, countries, and languages.

Do you offer customer support?

If you are using our free cookie solution you can always write to us at [email protected] if you have issues with using our cookie solution.

In our Pro Cookie Solution email technical support is included. In the Full Consent Suite plan both email and phone support is included.

Working with Cookie Consent Systems

One way of keeping track of consents and the evidence you need is through a consent management solution that tracks your cookie consents.

With Legal Monster you can collect and document consent for all cookies used on your site. We use geotargeting to ensure that you collect the right consent in each of your markets, depending on the jurisdiction of the user or customer. Our solution detects which cookies you use and collects compliant consents for those. With Legal Monster you get a full Audit Trail, so you can prove consents to a data authority if you need to.