Consent collection and management

Collecting and tracking consent isn't easy, but we're here to fix that. Legal Monster is the new standard for consent management, helping you comply with GDPR and other international privacy laws. Our privacy APIs and automatic tracking tool give you an overview of user's consent, while you focus on your core business.


Full audit trail

Keep track of when your users view and accept your privacy policy and other documents.

Signup widget

Collect compliant consent to your privacy policy and legal documents on your sign-up page with our embedded solution.

Update widget

Automatically update your customers about changes to your legal documents and collect new consent if needed.

Location based consent

Countries have different laws and requirements which is painstaking for both you and your users. We ensure that you stay compliant no matter where your users come from.

E-mail updates

Email your customers with revisions to legal documents and requests for new consent.

Import existing consents

Compliance is a monster to tackle and perhaps you already tried. Import your user’s given consents to Legal Monster’s system and let us handle it from now on.

API & automations

Build custom integrations and automate your consent processes with our API and Zapier integration.

Legal documents

Create, embed and update your legal documents seamlessly with Legal Monster. Keep track of your customers when they read and accept your terms and other documents and inform them easily when you make changes.


Version management

Create and manage versions of all your legal documents in one place.

Embed anywhere

Embed your legal documents on your website with either our document widget or API.

View & consent tracking

Track which versions of your legal documents customers have viewed and given consent to.

Easy updates

Easily update and revise your legal documents and inform your customers about the changes.

Multiple projects

Manage multiple projects for different countries, language areas or products.