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Make your store compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws around the world in no time with Legal Monster.

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Improve your conversion rates by up to 40%

Collecting compliant consent in different markets each governed by their own legislation is inherently difficult. Legal Monsters widgets and APIs give you the powers of a full international legal team, and ensure that you always collect the best performing and compliant consent in each of your markets.

Consent in most EU countries


Consent in the United States


Consent in Germany


Show your customers that you care about their privacy.

Stay competitive, avoid fines and lawsuits by showing your customers that you take their privacy seriously with Legal Monsters privacy sign up and update widgets.

Collect legal consent

Automatically collect legal consent based on location.

Your privacy promise

Build trust by highlighting your privacy promise.

Easy to read terms & policies

Make your policies simple and easy to read and understand.

Update about policy changes

Easily update your customers about policy changes.

Create transparency

Show why and who you share personal data with.

Fully customizable API

Easily implement and customize our solution to fit your needs.

Get started on your privacy compliance journey today!

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