How Mikkeller have simplified consent compliance

It can be tricky to stay compliant when selling beer to a global customer base online. We spoke to Frank about how Mikkeller resolved this using Legal Monster.

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"With an online digital presence in many countries, there is a lot of local legislation that we have to live up to, which is time-consuming and costly to research. We solved this using Legal Monster, and are now compliant on all our digital channels."

Frank Borring
Head of Digital and E-commerce

One solution to ensure compliant consent

Mikkeller, a microbrewery was founded in 2006, and has since grown to 49 locations globally, and a webshop where they sell beer to customers around the world.

With an online presence in so many different countries, ensuring compliance can be a challenge as they must meet the requirements for collecting, storing, and managing personal information depending on where the customer is based. Although some general rules apply, compliance laws differ from country to country, and so researching this is time-consuming and costly.

By implementing Legal Monster, they have been able to ensure compliance in the consents they collect quickly, everywhere.


The benefits of using Legal Monster

Compliance simplified

A research heavy process looking into international and local compliance laws has been simplified.

One solution

All the consent rules around the world are mapped out in one solution.

Future-proof documentation

With the audit trail, Mikkeller have their consents stored if they need them later.

Easy to implement

With support from our technicians, Mikkeller implemented Legal Monster in a day.

Become compliant with Legal Monster

Legal Monsters consent collection widget and audit trail takes your worries away and collect compliant consents no matter where your users are in the world.

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