WordPress & Legal Monster - we are launching a free WordPress cookie plugin

Written by Stine Mangor Tornmark on .

Today, we’re launching a WordPress cookie plugin, which makes it easier for Wordpress users to have a compliant cookie solution. The Legal Monster WordPress cookie solution will enable companies to comply with the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive.

The WP cookie plugin illustrates our passion for making compliance software easy to use and easy to integrate.

We believe that it's important to companies to have integrations and easy access to software solutions in the software ecosystem that they use.

That is why we have built a Wordpress cookie plugin.

Download WordPress plugin

Some of the key features that the Legal Monster WordPress cookie pop-up offers are:

  • Free and easy to use WordPress cookie plugin
  • The ability to have a cookie plugin where users can accept or reject non-necessary cookies
  • They will be informed about cookies are used on the WordPress website
  • Users will be able to read the website’s cookie policy
  • Wordpress cookie policy - there is an ability to select a cookie policy on autopilot
  • Wordpress cookie scanner - automatic scanning of the WordPress website for cookies every 14 days
  • Non-necessary cookies can be blocked until the user accepts the use of the cookies
  • Categorisation of cookies into cookie categories, such as marketing cookies, analytical cookies and necessary cookies
  • An ability to make the cookie pop-up match the look & feel of your WordPress website
  • The GDPR cookie plugin can be placed in the middle, left or right hand side of your website
  • There is an option for users to make changes to their cookie settings - just look for the shield
  • The cookie solution also has a audit trail so you can easily see and document the consents collected

It is also possible to use the WordPress Legal Monster cookie widget together with Google Tag Manager making it even easier to manage your cookie settings.

The cookie banner supports different languages for example English, French, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Danish etc.

  1. Download WordPress plugin

  2. In WordPress go to Plugins -> Upload a plugin. Upload a .zip file you just downloaded.
  3. Activate plugin.
  4. Copy cookie widget snippet from Legal Monster into the plugin.
  5. Click Save. Voila!

Legal Monster WordPress plugin

So, if you have a WordPress website, just look for the Legal Monster plugin in the WordPress plugin directory or install directly from your WordPress dashboard.

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  • Automatic Cookie Detection
  • Local laws, Local setup
  • Developer-friendly
  • Full audit-trail
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